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  • Home Assistant Add-ons For BeginnersHome Assistant Add-ons for Beginners
    In Home Assistant
    If you are just getting started with Home Assistant, you may have heard a lot of people talk about something called add-ons, which do pretty much exactly what you think, they extend the core functionality of Home Assistant by allowing you to install applications that aren’t
  • Amcrest AD410 ReviewThe BEST Wired Doorbell – Amcrest AD410 Review
    In Reviews
    Amcrest recently released a new 2K video doorbell, the Amcrest AD410, that packs some really interesting features that at least on paper, have the potential to tick all of the boxes that many of us have been desperately asking for, but does it actually live up to the
  • SafelyTeam Wireless Security System ReviewSafelyTeam Wireless Alarm System Review
    In Reviews
    Home security is something that often goes hand in hand with our smart homes, with a new wave of companies entering the market with a much more modern and smart take on home security than the traditional wired solutions. SafelyTeam is one of those companies that has been
  • Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) Design FrontGoogle Nest Hub (2nd Gen) Review: The New Way to Track Sleep?
    In Reviews
    Intro Google’s 2nd generation of it’s Nest Hub just landed boasting a few new features such as sleep tracking and gestures, a similar if not familiar design and a new lower price than the model it replaces, but is it worth your hard earned money and how do those new features
  • Getting Started with Raspberry Pi 4 - Top 5 TipsGetting Started with Raspberry Pi 4 – Top 5 Tips
    In How To Guides, Raspberry Pi
    So you’re thinking about picking up a Raspberry Pi but aren’t quite sure where to start with everything else that goes with it? Today I’ll give you my 5 best tips to getting started with and making the most out of your Raspberry Pi once you hit that buy now
  • Home Assistant vs OpenHAB - which one is best?Home Assistant vs OpenHAB – Which one is better?
    In Home Assistant
    Choosing a Home Automation Platform can be a really difficult decision and one that you will need to make when you begin your journey into the Home Automation world. It’s where all your smart devices will come together into a single unified experience and where you will be able
  • Raspberry Pi Thermal Imaging Camera MLX90640 guideBuilding a Raspberry Pi Thermal Imaging Camera – MLX90640 guide
    In How To Guides, Raspberry Pi
    In today’s current global situation, thermometers and thermal cameras are more in demands probably than ever before. Here in the UK, many of the shops and restaurants have started taking the temperatures of customers at the door before allowing customers to enter the
  • DIY Motorised Smart BlindsDIY Motorised Smart Blinds
    In ESP8266, ESPHome, How To Guides
    Building your own motorised smart blinds is a really attractive idea and something I’ve been meaning to get to for quite some time – after all, some of the off the shelf solutions are very nice yet for some reason command an extremely premium price for what they are.
  • Using ESPHome on Sonoff RF BridgeUsing ESPHome on Sonoff RF Bridge
    In ESPHome, How To Guides, Sonoff
    In a previous article, I showed you how to flash Tasmota to a Sonoff RF Bridge, which allows you to receive and transmit 433MHz RF signals like the ones used in TV remotes or many home security/alarm devices and sensors. This time we are looking at how to use ESPHome on the
  • Closeup of 28BYJ-48 motor with trace cut for bipolar conversionConverting the 28BYJ-48 stepper motor for more torque!
    In How To Guides
    A couple of days ago I decided to strip apart my blinds and figure out how to automate them, its something I wanted to do for a while but never really got round to it. Just a couple of hours later, I had something functional and working as you can see here: Finally got around to