Review Guidelines

Everything Smart Home tests and produces in-depth reviews for Smart Home and technology products and software. If you would like your product to be considered for review, please follow the guidelines below before getting in touch:

  • Sending your product for review does not guarantee that the product will make it's way into a video or article. Whilst we never want to waste anyone's time or money, sometimes schedules change or unforeseen circumstances arise.
  • We do not do sponsored reviews. Ever. If you are interested in working with us in a sponsored capacity, please see our sponsorship guidelines.
  • We do not accept payment or any other type of compensation in order to influence the opinion of reviews.
  • The opinions and experiences stated in the review are our own. We will not allow you to preview the video/article before it goes live, nor will we accept any input into it's content (other than for technical assistance/explanations).
  • Products provided for reviews will not be returned (unless otherwise agreed upon).

If that all sounds good, please feel free to get in touch!