Installing ESP8266 into Arduino IDE

Installing ESP8266 into Arduino IDE

This is a quick (and I mean quick!) and easy guide on installing ESP8266 boards into Arduino IDE which allows you to program all of your ESP8266 and ESP32 boards within Arduino IDE – a really powerful function.

First, open up the Arduino IDE and head to File > Preferences and click the button next to “Additional Boards Manager URLs”.

Enter the following line in the box:

Arduino Additional Boards manager with esp8266

Then press OK and OK again to save.

Next, head to Tools > Board > Board Manager, then search for esp8266 and install the esp8266 boards:

Install esp8266 through boards manager arduino IDE

Finally, double check everything has installed correctly by heading back into Tools > Board and scroll down the list – you should now see many extra esp8266 boards to choose from:

Arduino IDE board selector with esp8266

If you do not, restart Arduino IDE and check again, they should now appear.

You can repeat the same steps for adding esp32 boards except add the additional boards URL:

You now have everything you need to develop esp8266/esp32 boards within Arduino IDE!